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Tikoy Pillows

I have always equated Chinese New Year to Tikoy and who wouldn't? Tikoy is a Chinese New Year's Cake made from glutinous rice flour. It is traditionally cooked by lightly frying bite sized Tikoy pieces dipped in beaten egg. To give it a new spin, I tried cooking it as you would a cheese stick. I wrapped it gently with cheese in a wanton wrapper and then gave it a quick frying. The result is simply addicting- light pillows of crunchy, chewy, sweet and salty. This is Tikoy on another level. 

This is a super quick recipe, done in 3 easy steps!


Tikoy slices (1x1 inch squares)
Grated Cheese or 1x1 inches sliced cheese (any kind)
Wonton wrappers

1 In the middle of the wonton wrapper, carefully place some grated cheese and then top with the tikoy slice. Fold the sides first then the top and bottom part, brush the ends with water using your finger tips to seal.

2 Deep fry until golden brown.

3 Enjoy while hot.

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